Gord Bond was born in Hamilton, Ontario, where he still lives and exhibits his paintings today.

While doing an undergraduate in Science at McMaster University, Bond’s love of drawing and painting compelled him to switch majors to the Fine Arts. Bond received an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree at McMaster University in 2012. Upon completion of his Undergraduate Degree, Gord immediately applied and gained acceptance to York University to work towards his Masters in Fine Art. Since completing his Masters in 2014, Bond has continued to create paintings focusing on his interest in the human figure coupled with an urge to experiment with form, colour and mark-making.

Bond’s influences include past and contemporary painters who express the urge to explore and expand their medium. His paintings embody the playfulness of painters such as Philip Guston, Willem De Kooning, Eddie Martinez, Nicole Eisenman and Dana Schutz. Bond’s work balances his interest in the human form with a more abstract focus on the process of painting itself. The result is a body of expressive and colourful figurative paintings.

Gord Bond’s work can be found on display in several public collections at McMaster University along with numerous private collections throughout Canada.